What Vehicle Should You Play With In Rocket League?

Recently, Rocket League was made available for free to all players on the Epic Games Store. This resulted in a large number of new players coming to the game and experiencing. If you are one of them too, you might be confused over what loadout you should bring to the ground and get winning. Here in this article, I will help you out in understanding this.


Rocket League: How Is It?

In simple words, it is just a football game with a ball and two sides to put in the goal. However, you don’t have legs to shoot the ball, nor the ball is the standard size 5 ball. Instead, you will get a giant ball and cars to shoot it. You heard it right, and you have to drive around the field in order to shoot the ball and score a goal. Sounds interesting? Oh, yes, it is.

Developed by Psyonix and available for both console and Pc gamers, the game has a large fleet of cars for you to play and earn, pay to earn and drive them around to score wins. There are various customizations such as paint jobs, wheel designs, decals available to give your car a unique look and flaunt that off in front of your friends as well as opponents.

Seeing the awesome fleet of cars available, you must be thinking of the fact that if the cars have an effect on the chances of your winning or not? Well, I will answer that too.

Rocket League

Does The Car You Choose Change Anything?

You may be thinking that a bigger car will have a better chance of hitting the ball, a higher car will give you an advantage in jumping and vice versa. Well, for the facts being, it is true. Different cars have a different effect on whether you will hit the ball in a scenario and if yes, then where the ball will be rebounded. A bigger does have a better chance of hitting the ball.

However, this effect is not that profound or game-changing as you may be thinking of. According to the devs of this game, the hitboxes of the cars are very similar to each other. So it must not put a reasonably significant disadvantage if you are playing with the wrong car. Performance-wise (speed and jump height), all the cars are the same with no disparity at all.


What Car Is The Best Of Them Of All?

While there is no absolute car which will guarantee you victory, still there are some cars used frequently by the Esports players.

Most of the Esports players like Octane type, the car with a similar hitbox and design. This includes cars like Octane, Takumi, Octane ZSR.

The next favourite is the plank type. These cars are flat in design, but the plank is inclined to a certain degree. This includes cars like the Batmobile, Mantis, Paladin, Twin Mill.

Still, in the end, the car you are most comfortable is the best of them all. The car type is not a thing you should worry about a lot.

Hope you like the article. Do comment down your favourite car of them all.

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