What Raji Holds For The Face Of The Indian Gaming Market?


The buzz right now in the gaming world, Raji, is a really fantastic game and is well enjoyed by the likes of various professional gamers and YouTubers. But, as the first Indian game, it does become the face of the gaming industry in India. Will it keep up the expectations, or will die soon? Let us find out.

What Is Raji?

Raji Game

Raji is an Indie Game made by a team of Indian creators named Nodding Heads. It is an action-adventure carrying the theme of ancient Indian backdrop. The game features stunning artwork, rich story-telling, and a very fluid combat physics. The player will be introduced to a scene that looks like ancient Rajasthan, a state in India. They will play as Raji, the main character, who embarks on a journey to save her brother, Golu, from the grip of the demon king Mahabalasura.

Her journey is blessed by Durga, an Indian Goddess, who guides and empowers Raji in order to clear out the demons and free the corruption. With around 30 hours of content, for now, the game is very fun and interesting.

Why Is It So Important For India?

raji game

India has a very large number of players for gaming, whether it is Console, PC, or Mobile Gaming. And in the past few years, it has seen a massive jump in this figure. Some of the games PUBG Mobile has been enjoying a considerable profit just because of this upcoming industry. However, it is still a rookie industry when it comes to making those games. Till now, there is no major Indian game that is well received by everyone. Raji is completely fresh and seems so good. This can inspire some upcoming Indian developers on how to make a game and what does it take to create one.

One of the founders of Raji even sold her house in order to fund the game development. This demonstrates an example to all those aspiring future developers that game development is not an easy cake. It takes will, courage, and hardship to make a game, let alone be the game becomes successful or not.

All in all, it shows that India also has the potential to make and deliver some quite nice games, with Raji being the foundation of this building. I see a ray of hope brightened by the introduction of Raji.

Where You Should Get This Game?

The game is available for PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch users. For PC, it can be downloaded from either Steam or Epic Games store, while for others, the game is available on their respective game stores.

It has two editions. The first one is the standard edition, which has the complete game contents. The second one is the Game + OST edition, which includes the original soundtrack of the game as a DLC. The soundtrack is really lovely with elements from soul-calming Indian Classical Music and some folk music.

Do try out this game and tell your reviews over it.

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