What Games Should You Wait For In 2021?

Previously I covered all the games which you should be playing in 2020. Now let us see what are the upcoming titles to watch for in 2021.

Even though 2020 was a fun year when it comes to games, some of the anticipated titles were postponed. Though it was a heartbreak for 2020, it does mean that we are getting more games in 2021. A pretty interesting thing, right?

Halo Infinite


The first game, which was coming in 2020 but got delayed, the next installment of the famous Halo Franchise, will now be coming in 2021.

This is the next adventure of our beloved Chief. However, the developers are not so open about what they would be adding to this installment.

However, we do know that we would be defeating Covenant Splinter, who has taken over a damaged Halo ring.

For me, it’s not only the excitement of playing as Master Chief again; it is also the excitement of the fact that I would be playing this game on my new Xbox Series X console and will enjoy the game in 4K at high fps. If not for 2020, we would have been getting the game along with the console itself, but life happens.


Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil franchise is back with a game, once again. Resident Evil just keeps coming back with new games almost every year. Though the past two years are seeing remastered versions of the previously launched games, this time around, the franchise is going to introduce a completely new game.

Though the previous games followed a similar raccoon city story, this one is going to be way different. This one contains a bit of supernatural stuff where the character Ethan seems to be trapped in a village, a mysterious one.

They are finally moving away from the same set of protagonists, and maybe they are going to introduce Chris as the villain instead of the main character in every game.


Hitman 3


The next game in the highly decorated Hitman franchise is also going to be coming in 2021. Players will once again get the chance of stepping into Agent 47’s boots and assassinate their targets.

This will continue the kind-of episodic format which has been running from 2016’s Hitman.

Hope I will be back as the much appreciated secret agent and take out criminals and bad guys as silently as possible.


Horizon Forbidden West


The much appreciated Horizon Zero Dawn is going to have a sequel, and it is going to be released in 2021.

The game will be launching on PS5, and hence we can see the true fineness of PS5.

Right now, only the pre-rendered trailer of the game is revealed, and hence we cannot say much apart from the fact that it seems to be something bigger than the original game.

No matter what, the upcoming year is going to be one for all the gamers out there, and I have very high hopes for 2021.

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