The First Thoughts On KFConsole


Feeling hungry during gaming, well, not anymore now. KFC Has A New Recipe, And It’s Not A Chicken.

What can someone expect from KFC? A new chicken meal, a burger, or any smoothie, maybe. However, KFC has something big to unbox this time. They unveiled a gaming console that can cook food. Read that again, slowly. Yes! A gaming console that will also serve you hot chicken meals. I am not sure about yours, but this is my dream come true. Finally, I will be able to kill both the boss of the game I am playing and eat chicken at the same time without having to pause it and go AFK.

I don’t know if you ever thought of this or not, but I definitely thought of this. I remember how my friend had a sibling who could fetch him food from the microwave during his game sessions, and I always wanted one. Guess I could do it once.

Heat From Playing Games, No More

I live in a city situated a few hundred kilometers away from a literal desert, the Thar desert. So obviously, during winters, temperatures drop to as low as 3-4 degrees celsius too. So I used to touch the fuming hot body of my console to warm my hands up. However, now I can warm my chicken too with that heat. Isn’t it absolutely fantastic and something literally from the future.

Imagine playing Cyberpunk 2077 on such a futuristic console.

Started Off As An Rumour

The KFConsole was announced by KFC online. However, everyone thought that it was just a rumor or maybe a joke. However, KFC literally did it.

So, who made this? KFConsole is made in partnership with leading computer manufacturer and parts supplier Cooler Master, the good old name in power units. And literally, they made a feature that is never found in any other gaming platform. Imagine PlayStation cooking your chicken; no, you can’t.

Still deciding between which console to choose, well, this one has a built-in chicken chamber to put an end to the age-old console war.

Teased back in June of 2020, the not so much awaited console is finally here.

So What’s Inside?


Well, you will not buy a console just because it can heat up and cook chicken; well, the specifications with this console are also on par with top of the line stuff too.

This KFC big bucket has the top-of-the-line Intel CPU inside along with an Asus mini-GPU and two NVMe SSD cards, each of 1TB storage capacity. It can pretty much handle any game you throw at it.

The custom cooling sink and heat flow design ensure that the heat from your gaming session drives away from the internals and sends it to your chicken to warm it up.

And obviously, it looks good too. The deep black color and the red accents really look fascinating and serene.

So, get ready to up your game with hot chicken, and ray tracing enabled hardware and enjoy your uninterrupted gaming sessions.

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