Skye: The New Agent In Valorant


The immensely popular 5v5 FPS Shooter Valorant has introduced a new agent Skye into their roster. New Agent means new abilities available with the agent. So let us see what these abilities are and are they good or not.

Skye calls upon her powers and abilities from nature. You can call her the Lady Tarzan of Valorant too. She is a healer with a wee bit of offense added to her.


This is a very unique ability added to the agent. Inspired from the hunting dogs in Spike Rush, this will make Skye launch a tiger which can hunt enemies, and can leap on them like a real tiger in the forest hunting its prey. Upon coming in contact with an enemy, it would explode, damaging enemies in the process.

Guiding Light

The next ability available to the agent is Guiding Light. It is an ability which lies somewhere between Jett’s smoke and Phoenix’s blind. You will get a phoenix bird in which you can fly and control the direction of the bird, similar to how Jett does it with her smoke. You can hit the button again to make the bird explode and blind everyone who sees the bird. The phoenix bird will give you a confirmation sound if it does blind someone.


New Agent In Valorant

Regrowth is an ability similar to that of Sage. You can hit the button to heal up nearby allies with this ability. Unlike Sage, you are not just limited to one person at a time; you are able to heal every ally in your vicinity. And unlike Sage again, Skye is unable to heal herself up.

Basically, this ability makes you a healer, which will support all the allies instead of yourself.

Ultimate Ability

As with every other agent, Skye also has an ultimate ability. This ability is called. The seeker is a really powerful ability. With this ability, Skye can launch a seeker trinket. This trinket can be fired on the will, and it then tracks down three of the closest enemies for you. In this process, it also nearsights them who are seen by this seeker.

Skye can be considered a pretty overpowered and a very useful agent. With the abilities such as a flash, concussion, and confusing others, near-sighting enemies, healing up her allies, she can be a perfect for those who play sage and want it to be more damaging. You can scout down the whole site with the help of her abilities. However, the inability to heal herself may be a down point to this Jungle Sage. Moreover, using these abilities does leave Skye vulnerable to enemy attacks too.

Skye can be unlocked by activating the agent contract through the Agents Tab and earning enough XP to clear her five levels in order to get her. You can then freely choose her during matches or in training.

Earlier she was meant to come with the ACT 3 update, but later on, she came in the game with patch 1.11.

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