Should You Buy Blue-Light Filtering Lens As A Gamer?

Digital Displays and Screens emit a certain amount of blue-light. Prolonged exposure to this blue light can cause redness and itchiness in the eyes and also cause tremendous discomfort. In the long run, it can damage your eyes permanently too. 

To counter this, you might have heard of Blue-Light Filtering Lens. These lenses come with a special technology which reduces the blue-light reaching to your eyes to a very negligible amount. Many gamers use these to prevent their eyes from all the discomfort and irritation caused by Blue-Light. 

However, the question arises, is this thing really works, or is it just a hoax? And even if they work, are there any side effects to using them? We’ll find out about all these in our article. The article will contain a detailed explanation of these lenses and how it works. And then we’ll see how these are working.


What Are Blue-Light Filtering Lens?

Blue-screen or Blue-Light filtering lenses are those lenses that can limit the blue light and safeguard your eyes from those blue-light emissions which are emitted by your laptops, mobiles, PCs, etc. In addition to that, these glasses also provide non-glare protection to your eyes. 

Blue Light is emitted from digital displays such as mobiles, computers, and sometimes from light bulbs, etc. The wavelength of blue light can damage your retina and can even lead to vision impairment on prolonged exposure.


Will Blue-Light Filtering Lenses Help?

Blue-Light Filtering Lenses reduces the potential of Blue-Light to harm your eyes and reduces the risk of permanent eye damage. Many people think that these lenses do not work. However, it is not a hoax. For people like IT professionals, Gamers, etc who stay on the computer for a long time, these lenses are really helpful. Even if you are not prescribed to wear these by your doctor, you can still wear these since these lenses have no side-effects whatsoever, contrary to popular belief.

These few dollars can really save your eyes.

The Main Benefits Of These Lenses

There are certain benefits of using a Blue-Light Filtering Lens. These are as follows:

Relieves eye discomfort

Blue-Light Filtering Lenses will really help you in filtering out the blue-light falling on your eyes. This makes your eyes feel better and reduces the eye strain and redness, which you would frequently catch when watching displays with the naked eye.

Improves the quality of sleep

Blue-Light exposure is also linked to lack of sleep and mental stress. However, with these lenses, less Blue-Light reaches your eye, and hence you will experience better sleep and an improved sleep cycle too.

Reduces the risk of vision impairment

People, especially children, report weak eyesight and blurry vision. This is generally caused by prolonged exposure to Blue-Light. Using these lenses helps in stopping premature weakening of eye-sight too.


With the advent of new technologies and modern methods, we do have some disadvantages such as Blue-Light. However, a good quality protective lens really helps you and safeguards you from the harmful effects of Blue-Light.

However, it is equally important to maintain correct posture while looking at screens and practice regular breaks from it.

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