Should Kids Really Play Among Us?


With quarantine and the current situation of the world, people needed something to get their heads of and have some fun. This made various games like Fall Guys rise up to a great popularity. These types of games are not very graphic-intensive, complicated and not at all serious. This ensured that every age group and every type of person would play these. One such game was Among Us which grew into massive popularity this year.

Among Us: What Is It?

Among Us is a very chill, sandbox game. Launched in 2018, the game saw only a handful number of downloads and only a few players playing it. However, come 2020, and the unfortunate period of CoronaVirus, this game saw a massive rise in the number of players playing it. Nowadays, everyone can be seen playing this game with friends, or alone with strangers.

Developed by Innersloth, the game has a simple objective. On a ship, there are around 10 players having a few impostors between them. The impostors have the goal of killing the other innocent crewmembers on the ship while the crewmates need to identify the impostors in order to win. The game becomes a really fun one when played with friends, and there is no denying that this game is very, very interesting.

Should Your Kids Play It?


Well, the game is not addictive, and there are no vulgar scenes or references which are not suitable for kids. However, the very core of the game can be a bit degenerative for kids.

Kids have a very sensitive and gullible mind. They are easily affected by what they see on TV, hear from friends and are very much prone to absorbing all that. These may be positive things, but it may be negative too.

The first problem with every online game, you find and play with strangers. They can be abusive and may teach your kids negative things.

Second thing, the game is about killing. Though animated and very childish, there are still scenes which may not be appropriate for kids.

However, these problems are not that big. The biggest problem is the very core of the game, killing and getting away with it. Kids will learn how to lie and put the blame on others to get away with their killing. They may also get enraged if they are falsely accused of being the impostor.

These things do not mean that your kid shouldn’t play this game. The game is very fun, and everyone should play it. However, they should play under your supervision so that you can prevent any such situation from happening.

Where Can I Get Among Us?

Among Us is available on PC and mobile devices. The PC counterpart is paid and can be downloaded from Steam Store. The mobile counterparts are available on their respective app stores. These are free. However, you need to pay a certain amount of money in order to remove the ads and get some cool character customisation options. The game weighs only a few Mbs.

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