PUBG Mobile To Be Back Soon In India


PUBG Mobile is the most awaited game of India as of right now. Since then, the Indian Government announced a ban on this Multiplayer Battle Royale over privacy concerns. However, the creators of this amazingly popular game are gearing up to bring out this game again to the people with an India specific version of PUBG named PUBG Mobile India. This game will come out for both iOS as well as Android users. The game will compete with the likes of games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, Free Fire, and more.


Launch Date For PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Corporation has not revealed any details about when they will launch the game. However, they will be launching this long awaited game very soon as they made the announcement about the relaunch in November. Moreover, the Indian made PUBG rival FAU-G has already started pre-registrations on Play Store. This is putting up a certain amount of pressure on PUBG too. 

How Can You Download The Game In India?

Downloading PUBG Mobile India is a very simple and easy task. Once the game is launched, you just have to have to go to your application store. For Android users, it is Google Play Store, and for iOS users, it is Apple App Store. You can just visit the application store and search for the game; afterward, just click on the Install button, and it’s done.

Moreover, Android can also download the APK file for PUBG Mobile India from the company’s website once it is launched.

What To Expect From PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Corporation did say that PUBG Mobile India will be a bit different from the original PUBG game, which all the Indians loved and played. The first difference they did tell about was the character’s clothing. Unlike the global version in which the default clothing for players was nothing but under-garments, the Indian version will come with a fully-clothed player avatar as default. 


Taking into consideration how youngsters in India were becoming PUBG addicts and cases of casualty due to PUBG were rising, the developers are going to introduce time limits in the game so that your players do not waste their whole time playing the game.


The global version also did not have the option to change the color of blood and hit effects. However, to make it less gore, the Indian version will have the option to change the blood color to green too.

Some Updates We Know About

Since Tencent was banned in India by the government of India over privacy concerns, the new game will be launched by “PUBG India Pvt. Ltd.” in India. Hence, the game will be launched by a company whose office is in India, and the company is registered in India only.

The company has been authorized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. They had to pay Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs regarding paid-up capital and authorized capital, respectively.

Hope you are interested in playing this game. Do let us know how you felt about this game after it launches for the public. 


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