PlayStation 5 Is Coming To India, Finally

It is the year 2021, and we are already getting good news for all the console gamers out there in India. Sony recently announced on their Twitter handle that PlayStation 5 will be launched on February 2 in India. The pre-orders for the same will be starting from January 12 at 12 pm and will be available on Amazon, Croma, Reliance Digital, Flipkart, Sony Stores, Vijay Sales, and a few other authorized partners.

Sony announced that the Indian pricing for the Indian edition would not be that different from the US prices. The digital edition, which comes with no disk drive, will cost you Rs. 39,990 while the standard edition with an additional disk drive will make you shell out Rs. 49, 990.

Earlier, Sony launched the PS5 in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico on November 12 and November 19 for the rest of the nations. Though India was included in that listing, a copyright issue caused Sony to launch the PlayStation 5 a bit in India, and the new date is now announced finally. Otherwise, PS5 could have been launched a tad bit earlier than this date.


PS5 Specifications

Sony’s PlayStation 5 comes with a Zen 2 AMD CPU clocked at 3.5 GHz. The GPU is also by AMD with 36 Cuda cores clocked at 2.23 GHz. The GPU is capable of performing calculations at a speed of 10.28 TFLOPs in a second.

As for the RAM, the console comes with a 16 GB GDDR6 ram, which is very fast and responsive.

Both the console versions come with an 825GB PCIe NVMe SSD from which 667.2 GB storage is usable, and the rest is reserved for the system. If you feel like it, you can also expand the storage as with previous-generation PlayStation consoles.

PS5 is already killing the competition

Since it was already launched in other parts of the world, we do know the launch figures and how many units it sold worldwide. In just the first four weeks, Sony recorded sales of 3.4 Million Units, which already made it the highest selling PlayStation console ever.

The demand was so high that consoles were sold within minutes of listing.

According to a report, Sony will be making more consoles to curb the demand of Asian Countries.

Pre-orders in Indian will be happening on the PlayStation India website, and gamers will be able to buy the console until stocks last. Judging by the record high selling figures, stocks will only last a minute before drying out.

Hope that Sony curbs this demand as soon as possible and introduces more units to the Indian Market.

Indian Gaming Market is rising rapidly, and I won’t be surprised if Sony takes additional attention to preparing units to curb the demand of the Indian market. Sony will surely book a huge profit by launching the PlayStation in India.

Happy Gaming and a Happy New Year to all the gamer folks out there.

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