How To Trade In Rocket League Using RL Garage Mobile App

RL Garage Mobile App

Rocket League is a pretty fun game where instead of legs, you are given cars to shoot the ball and score a goal. A very different idea meant that the game was well-received by the gamers and now the game has a huge player-base. Recently it went free on Epic Games Store which increased it’s player-base by quite a lot too.

Some of the items you earn by drop or opening crates are tradable. You can demand credits, blueprints, items against your offer. There are many sites available where you can trade your items. One such site is RL Garage. So let us see that.


What is RL Garage?


RL Garage is a trusted fan site for all the Rocket League fans and players regardless of their platform. It has a huge user base, and the developers behind RL Garage are continually working to improve it so that the user can have a seamless and fun experience using the site.

The site has various features or sections such as Rocket League news, an Item Shop, a fantasy league, items menu where you can see all the in-game items and their details and last but not the least, the trading section.

RL Garage is accessible both on mobile phones (Android and iOS) and as a website. In this article, we will be looking at how we can use the mobile app to access this fansite and begin trading.


How To Use It On Your Smartphone?


To download the app, simply go to your respective application store and search RL Garage. Alternatively, you can also go to RL Garage’s website and click the “Get The App” tab there. You will be redirected to your respective app store.

After downloading the app, simply sign up or login using your Email Id and Password.

After signing up, you can link the platform on which you are playing the game on like Playstation, PC etc.

Your next step will be to head over to the trading tab from the navigation bar below, and the trading section will open up.

In this section, you can simply sort by the items you have, or you want, the number of credits wanted etc. This will sort all the user options available for your desired item.

You can also put up a new trade offer according to what you have and what you want.

If you liked someone else’s trade, you can simply click the message tab on the trade posting and message them. If both parties agree, you will just simply have to add them as a friend in your game and invite them to trade.

If someone likes your trade posting too, they will have to do the same thing too.


What To Take Care Off While Trading?


While Trading, you need to take care of any possible duping and/or cheating. RL Garage holds no responsibility if you are cheated in one way or another.

Also, take care of the RL Garage’s trade rules which are available on their site or their mobile application.

I hope this guide was useful to you.

Happy Trading!

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