Ghostrunner Review


The last few months of the year are here, and as the year is coming to an end, we are awaiting some games to be released. One of them is Ghostrunner. Ghostrunner comes out on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

The player will play as a ninja in this game. Yeah, I know that there are various ninja themed games from Ninja Gaiden to Katana Zero. However, Ghostrunner still stands out among those. Unlike some others, Ghostrunner defines the ninja as a fast, deadly, and a silent assassin.

And unlike the ninja who comes with a robe, a katana, and a feel from the 90s, you are the ninja of a new age. A ninja who can make the cyberpunk Keanu Reeves feels a bit shy too.

So How’s The Ninja On The Run

Unlike the normal hack-n-slash, this game is a bit more. Split second decisions, cruising up the walls, and a very open-ended and engaging combat is what makes up this game. This sword-wielding ninja surely takes the limelight away from Cayde (Destiny ref.).

The game is set-up in a cyberpunk environment. And with every cyberpunk game, the hero of the game is thrown out by a system or something about which the hero has a very little memory left off. And of course, our hero is an enhanced being who has a great skill in swordsmanship.

The rest of the story is pretty straight forward with something like a head-voice guiding our hero to fight off the oppressive system and understand what has happened to this world.

The game has somewhere around six to eight hours of the campaign, and the story has the same pace from the beginning to the end, which is a great thing. The voice-overs are really nice and carry the story well. The dialogues or conversations which are happening inside our hero’s head are what comprise the dialogues.

The game does not bore you after a few hours of gameplay. It keeps you reeled in by putting up new enemy types periodically. Every level has a new element to it, which really kept the game exciting and real, unlike some of the games which eventually become repeating after a few hours of gameplay.


The game is really great, and if you are into such fast, cyberpunk combat games, then you should surely try this one out. Especially, if you were a fan of Mirror’s Edge, then this will surely dazzle you. If not, still, this game has a lot in it to offer you, such as a great FPS combat, a mostly bug-free gameplay, and an excellent option for you if you want to take time off your daily games.

How To Get This Game

Ghost Runner

The game is available on all major platforms. PC players can get this game from Steam Store, GOG Games, or Epic Store. Whereas console users can buy physical copies of this game or else get download this from their respective stores. Nintendo Switch players can also buy this game from the Nintendo store.

The Game costs you around $29.99.


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