Gaming Headphones For Every Budget

Gaming Headphones

Gaming is incomplete without a nice pair of headphones on her head. You cannot just use any headphones in order to play games on. This is mainly because standard headphones are more music centric, and their sound profile is set according to that. However, in gaming, you need to pick up sounds coming from footsteps, enemies near you, an opponent car closing up to you in case of racing games. Hence, buying a separate gaming headphone is a wise choice. However, gaming headphones come in every budget. Choosing one that fits your budget is challenging.


Therefore, I have made this list according to your budget and what is the best headphone you can get in that budget.

Under $100

If you are a new gamer or you just game casually, then this is the budget you should look into. There are pretty great choices in this budget for you to start your gaming adventure.

  1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming

HyperX is not a new name to this scene. They have been making gaming peripherals for a long time now, and they have an excellent reputation. Even esports gamers prefer them due to their exceptional quality and their fantastic performance.

With Cloud Stinger, they are stepping into a budget-friendly range. Selling for around $50 now, there swiveling ear cups and durable design is what makes it a must-buy.

Under $200

Now $200 is a hardcore gamer budget. You can find some fantastic products in this range and to name one is a hard choice. Still, we have one headphone figured out for you.

  1. Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer has made quite a name for itself when it comes to anything gaming. A reputed brand that is trusted by thousands of gamers for its durability, reliability, and its performance. Generally, Razer products are a bit expensive and sometimes overpriced. However, Razer never stops bringing in new technology and innovation to the market.

The same goes for this headphone. A clean, durable headphone that can work wired and wirelessly. The best thing we like about this headphone is its low latency even in wireless mode and that perfect lag-free sound.

The headphone is available on any significant electronic retailer with a price tag of around $150.


$200 or more

$200 or more is a budget which is very common among Streamers, Professional Players, and gamers of such kind. In this budget, you can get absolutely any feature in your headphones. So let us look at our choice for this budget.


  1. HyperX Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth


Once again, we are bringing in HyperX to the list. This time, it is a wired + wireless headphone system. The best thing about this headphone is its high fidelity and a long battery life. The build materials of this headphone are so good that they alone can justify the price tag.

With a price tag of around $499, these headphones are the perfect ones for hardcore gamers.



Gaming headphones cost just as much as any other good headphones made for music. And they make an excellent choice if you want to game. Hence, these are the headphones choices you have listed according to your budget.

Happy Gaming!

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