CyberPunk 2077 Review: Maybe Skip It For A While?

Remember almost a decade earlier, CD Projekt announced Cyberpunk 2077, and we saw trailers for this game, well finally the wait is over. However, I think that you should wait a little more.

Even though the game is now released, and anyone can play this game if he/she has access to a PC/ PlayStation/ XBOX, there’s still a tremendous amount of work required from the developer side. The game still needs a bit of attention and tweakings in order to make it better. 

You might think that a game that is delayed so many times will be perfect and thoroughly tested, but that is not the case with this game.

Even though the game seems promising, the bugs and issues are stealing away the user experience.

Rockstar, You Have A Competitor 

Generally, it is Rockstar Games who have a history of delaying games and having issues in their releases. The latest example being Red Dead 2’s PC port, where the users had a plethora of issues all over on the initial release. However, CD Projekt is really beating down Rockstar in this section.

Many users have been registering various different bugs. Though PC users are only reporting low FPS and occasional crashes, console users have a really different story to them. PC users who are using the best in class hardware such as RTX 30 series GPU cards are too complaining of low FPS even though the minimum requirements to run this game is very 2013s.

PlayStation users are complaining of boxy graphics even on their top of the line PS5. Many users are seeing blurry graphics, and it seems like they are playing a game from the early 2000s. 

The problem widens for the older generation console users. The game is literally unplayable to them.

Companies seem to notice this thing too. Playstation offered a refund to all the customers who bought CyberPunk 2077 from them. Microsoft is issuing warnings to users of Xbox before purchasing the game.

How Is The Game (Bugs Aside)

When you count out the bugs and issues, the game is very promising. A great open-world should have good graphics, a nice story, and a fun and exciting experience. CyberPunk 2077 does have all that.

The game starts with you choosing one of the three timelines available. One is where you are an outlaw biker. The next one is where you can be a small gangster in the city, and the last one with you being an ex-corporate class person.

All these stories progress differently, and I promise that the story is really gripping and promising.

Keanu Is Here!

The game saw how Keanu revealed the teaser for this game. Well, in the game, Keanu is inside you. Keanu Reeves is a fugitive from 2030 who’s memory somehow ended up being inside your brain. And hence, your brain is literally housing Keanu.


The game has a lot of potentials, and maybe it will be a really famous game in the future. However, for now, players should wait for patches and fixes. The game will be a lot more enjoyable and smooth to play when the patches and fixes come in.

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