Cloud Gaming: Facebook Starts Up A New Chapter In This Book

Cloud Gaming is around us for a while now. Many big players have tried to enter and revolutionize this field with their efforts. We recently saw how Google’s Stadia panned out for us. Now, it is another big player who wants to make its name: Facebook.

This Monday, 26th of October 2020, Facebook announced its entry into the ever-expanding field of Cloud Gaming with its new free-to-play service Facebook Gaming. This new cloud gaming service aims at providing games and entertainment to users within the Facebook social network. This is somewhat similar to what Google, Microsoft, and other big players are providing. However, unlike those big players, this gaming service is focused on small and medium-sized mobile games. It does not include any exclusive games or any major AAA title as of now. This service will be made available to users using Facebook’s desktop site and on the Android app. However, the service is not available for the iOS version of Facebook’s application. This is because of the fact that Apple App Store policies ban cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud from working on its mobile products such as the iPhone and iPad.

Apple did change some policies allowing these services to run on their devices; however, each and every game available on these services should be allowed by Apple in order to be played on these services.

Facebook does want to bring its services to iOS users, but they do not think that launching their app for iOS with these restrictions and policies is a viable option for them. However, Facebook’s VP of Play at Facebook says that they want to do everything to bring this experience to every mobile user no matter what platform they are on.

Facebook’s cloud gaming service does not compete directly with Google Stadia, Luna, or any other service. Facebook is not providing any crazy 4k resolution streams, AAA games like Destiny 2; they are not asking you to buy an exclusive controller or anything like that at all. It is just a simple mobile game streaming service for playing On The Go games such as Asphalt 9: Legends, 2K’s WWE SuperCard, Mobile Legends, etc. Developers will also be able to include cloud-playable ads to this platform so as to promote their games and let the users experience those without them having to download the whole game.

Facebook says that users already play HTML5 based games on their social media platforms and ad-playable games are already in the scene for a long time. However, this service will be providing games that are superior in quality and will run smoothly too. Facebook wants users to spend more and more time on their platform. By letting people play premium mobile titles for free on their platform, they aim to achieve their goal.

Hope this new cloud gaming service works well for Facebook, and I hope Facebook will make it available for iOS users too soon enough.

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